Insurance / Reinsurance

In our insurance and reinsurance practice, we represent insurers in a broad range of issues, including policy language, coverage, and representation of insurers in litigation, arbitration, and mediation. In the past, we have handled issues involving policies of commercial liability, professional indemnity, commercial property, commercial and personal vehicle, homeowners, and personal liability. Additionally, we have been called upon to counsel insurers on issues arising from the policy wording and the potential claims. Finally, when disputes arise over coverage, we have represented insurers in litigation in State and Federal court.

Business Law

The Hightower Commercial Law Center, LLC, was founded to provide a broad array of services to developing and reorganizing businesses. The founding member of our firm has extensive experience in the structure and development of the business model. He has assisted many large and small companies in organizing for the present and planning for the future, by selecting the right business entities and structuring it, based on the distant goals of the owners.

Further, Mr. Hightower has a broad background in transactional matters. He has been retained to counsel many companies, and their owners, in contract negotiations. Additionally, he has assisted in the review, amending, interpreting, and drafting of a vast number of business agreements, from employment agreements, non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements, service agreements, purchase agreements, shareholder agreements, etc.

Commercial and Tort Litigation

Edwin Hightower, founder of the Hightower Commercial Law Center, LLC, has been involved in thousands of lawsuits and civil claims throughout the State of Louisiana in both state and federal court. Primarily, he has represented insurance companies and their insureds, in these disputes. He success rate at trial, arbitration, mediation and other forms of settlement negotiation has been exceptional. The subjects covered by these disputes is too vast to list at this time, but most subjects that insurers see has been addressed by Mr. Hightower on multiple occasions.

In recent years, many insurers have called upon Mr. Hightower to advise them on steps to prevent or reduce the probability of bad faith claims in first party disputes. Again, with his experience, our founding member has been able to achieve outstanding results in this area.

Veterinary / Animal Law

Veterinary Law

In recent years, Mr. Hightower has developed a special focus on the legal issues related to the practice of veterinary medicine and claims of animal owners. He is an active member of the American Veterinary Medical Law Association (“AVMLA”), which is a national association of veterinarians, attorneys, individuals and organizations, which have an interest in veterinary medicine law and how it pertains to the veterinary profession and related fields. He has counseled and assisted veterinarians and veterinary students, across the country, in matters related to licensure of the veterinarians, employment issues, contract negotiations, and organization of the practice.

Animal Law

Additionally, he is an active member of the Louisiana State Bar Association – Animal Law Section. Animal law issues encompass a broad spectrum of approaches, including the rights of animals and their owners, standing to sue, the effect of statutory laws regarding animal cruelty, and the changes to traditional areas of the law – tort, contract, criminal and constitutional law. Types of disputes which might be included in this area are:

  • Animal custody disputes in divorce or separation;
  • Claims of malpractice against Veterinarians;
  • Licensure of Veterinarians;
  • Housing disputes involving “no pet” policies;
  • Damages cases involving injury or death of companion animals;
  • Enforceable trusts for the benefit of companion animals;
  • Criminal law encompassing domestic violence and anti-cruelty laws.

Mr. Hightower and his firm have represented owners of champion show animals in legal disputes regarding the ownership and services provided to the animals. His representation has taken him to trial and state appellate courts. Further, he has been recognized and retained to teach legal education classes by the Louisiana State Bar, the Louisiana Animal Law Section and the Louisiana Trust and Estates Section on the subject of drafting and preparing Pet Trusts in the State of Louisiana.